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Feeler Machining Centers

Manufacturers seeking more business need to offer the right level of capability to satisfy their customers’ requirements. Quality Machinery Systems, a leading provider of CNC turning equipment, offers a complete line of new and used Feeler machining centers .  

In business for more than four decades, Feeler got its start manufacturing saws and grinding machines, and has gradually added to its product line over the years. From automated boring machines to vertical lathes to double column machining systems, Feeler offers a full line of equipment for manufacturers of nearly any size and capacity.  

  • Linear and boxway lathes
  • Drilling and tapping centers
  • Vertical CNC lathes
  • Vertical linear and boxway machining centers
  • Horizontal machining centers & CNC bridge mills
  • Double column machining centers

The Feeler product line offers a full array of options for manufacturers of nearly any size:

  • Lathes as small as 255mm turning length all the way to nearly 2m of tailstock travel
  • Vertical machining centers ranging from 10k-15k RPM spindle speed and 580mm-1.6m of X-axis travel
  • Horizontal machining centers with more than 1m of X-, Y- and Z-axis travel

The Feeler CNC lineup offers the machine to fit the manufacturing needs of your clients.  

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Feeler VMP Series

Vertical Machining Center Provides State-of-the-art Efficiency For Increased Profitability

Whether you require in high precision parts machining or general mold making, Fair Friend new VMP-Series Vertical Machining Centers offer unbeatable dependability. The Feeler VMP-Series is a well-engineered high precision unit, making it ideal for various precision industrial requirements. It promises dramatic productivity gains with many integrated features. Its rugged structure is manufactured from high quality cast iron, assuring optimum rigidity and stability for years of dependable operation.

Machine structure design is subject to ANSYS and NASTRAN Finite Element Analysis to achieve the highest standards of machine accuracy and reliability. Reinforced A-shape column bottom is combined with massive base for extra rigid support. 10,000 rpm spindle speed produces the fine surface effect required by precision mold. With the points above and more excellent features combination, you get the most competitive edge for your precision jobs. Learn more about our new & used feeler machining centers or contact us for more information on our CNC bridge mills.

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Feeler vertical machining center

Feeler NBP Series

FEELER NBP Series VMC with BOX WAYS ON THREE AXES PERFORMS PERFECTLY – Engineered to Optimize Machining Efficiency and Stability

Lowering production cost while upgrading productivity is the solution to stay competitive in today’s seriously competitive environment. With the NBP Series of vertical machining center from FEELER, you can achieve your expectation. These ruggedly built machines are designed with extra wide box ways on all three axes, which provides exceptionally fast heavy cuts.

Massive, rugged, and precise design built for accurate production work for years! The Feeler NBP series is especially ideal for the task required for efficiency and accuracy.

  • The machine structure and major parts are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron for outstanding material stability and assure long-term deformation-free performance.
  • Extra wide box ways on three axes guarantee exceptional stability and rigidity.
  • Box ways are hardened, precisely ground and coated with Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance and life accuracy.
  • The entire machine construction is subject to ANSYS and NASTRAN Finite Element Analysis to achieve optimum rigidity and stability.
  • The column bottom is specially designed with A-shaped structure.
  • Servomotor directly drives ball screws. Ball screws are pre-tensioned, ensuring rigidity and accuracy for feeding transmission system.
  • Increased Z-axis motor horsepower combined with brake increases circularity accuracy on Z-axis, and eliminates structural vibration caused by counter-balance weight.
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Feeler VB Series

Choose from the smallest to the largest model that meets your various demands for today’s production. No matter which one you select, you get the same FEELER tradition of quality and excellence. 

  • The machine structure and major parts are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron for outstanding material stability, thereby assuring long-term, deformation-free performance.
  • The entire machine construction is subjected to ANSYS and NASTRAN Finite Element Analysis to achieve optimum rigidity and stability.
  • Heavy duty construction throughout, combined with extra
    stable base, supported by 8-16 foundation bolts.
  • Box ways on X, Y, Z axis.
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Feeler CNC machine

Feeler HV Series

Creating a New Level of Parts Machining and Precision Mold Machining

For years, FEELER had dedicated itself to the pursuit of higher efficiency and higher performance vertical machining centers to help customers stay competitive. FEELER’s HV Series was designed to integrate many innovative features into the existing models.

The HV Series features outstanding machine structure, accuracy, and machining efficiency, greatly surpassing existing models. It is an excellent machine especially ideal for today’s high speed part machining.

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Feeler U-600 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Intelligent Machining Function

The U-600 employs anti-chatter technology of “Chatter Lobe” program, which predicts and prevents occurrence of chatter during machining. Users need to simply input parameters into Chatter Lobe, and then possible chatter and corresponding adjustment of cutting conditions will be provided.

5-axis Machining Feature: (Patent: M437221)

Different from general BC-type, the U-600 is designed as AC type for extensive machining capacity that allows workpiece diameter larger than axis travel. Additionally, such configuration is in favor for view and access.

Wide Operation Area (Patent: M436520)

The operation area is defined with 2 sliding doors with wide open space. The user is allowed to operate from 2 directions for easy operation and clear monitoring on the workpiece. This design is also in favor for loading/unloading, featuring excellent access.

One-piece Base-Column

The base and column are structured as one-piece casting, which eliminates possible tolerance of the jointing interfaces. The tool magazine is directed mounted onto this one-piece structure so that torque twist is decreased and stability increased. Box-structure casting and optimal span realize exceptional rigidity and stability. Large hole on the back offers convenience for assembling and maintenance.

3 Overlapped Axes with 2 Rotating Axes 

Axes of linear movement and rotation are separated so that during 5-axis machining, curve tolerance or error can be controlled and adjusted rather easily.

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Feeler U-800-5AX

High Speed Precision Machining, Unmatched Performance

The Feeler 5-axis machining center is designed specifically for high precision machining and creating extra fine finish. Its gantry type structure together with U-shaped base and column brings the structural stability to a new level. The swiveling rotary table diameter is 800mm and capable of resisting heavy loads. This machine is equipped with a 12,000rpm direct-drive spindle that fully satisfies customers’ expectations in high speed and high efficiency machining.  

Gantry Type Structure

Designed with a gantry type structure, the Feeler USOO-SAX 5-axis machining center has the feature of spacious machin­ing space, allowing large workpiece to be loaded and unloaded with ease. It is also convenient for operator to check the current machining condition at any time.  

U-shaped Construction of Base and Column

  • The advanced U-Shape structure significantly increases structural rigidity and machining accuracy.
  • X.Y.Z-axis rapid traverse rate reach 48m/min.
  • Suitable for equipping with a large diameter of rotary table.  

Three Axes Overlap and Separated from Two Rotary Axes

  • This design avoids a distance between the machining point and the intersection point of two rotating axes.
  • Easy to compensate for the errors of radius on rotating axes and movement on three linear axes to ensure the machine’s stability and accuracy.  

Separated Design for Three Axes Moving Area and Machining Area

  • This design feature not only makes chip removal more convenient, but also enables better chip-prevention capability of the machine.
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Horizontal Milling

MAG and Feeler are both members of FFG Global Machine Tool Conglomerate, which is currently the 3rd largest machine tool group in the world. With 37 world renown brands and 50 state-of-art manufacturing facilities worldwide, FFG offers you the most complete and comprehensive machining solution including milling, turning, grinding, and gear hobbing. In an effort to bring this complete solutions to you, MAG Automotive, located in Sterling Heights, MI is now also offering FFG Feeler’s Vertical Machining, FFG DMC’s Horizontal / Vertical Turning, and VDF Boehringer’s Horizontal Turning solutions to you. Contact us today for your most challenging machining requirements. We will show you why FFG machining solution is second to none.

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