HMG Innovation Product Line

Spindle Run out 5 Micron, 5 year warranty of slideway surfaces, AFC Automatic Feedrate Control, 10 Sets or machining parameter packages, Machine ulilization Management.

HMG 5A Series 4+1 and full 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centers

  • Highly versital and ridgid machines for fast machining and heavy depth of cut. Dual sided support for trunun table
  • Micron Tolarancing

HCMC Box Way Series Vertical Machining Centers

The largest vertical machining center with unmatched value. X axis traveling extended from 1300mm to 2100mm while Y axis traveling from 700mm to 1020mm. The outstanding table load can reach 3000kgs. Highest damping guideway design.

Working Surface Starting at 1450*700 through 2250*1020
Max Table Load Starting at 1500 through 3000
X-Axis Starting at 1300 through 2100
Y-Axis Starting at 700 through 1020
Z-Axis Starting at 660 through 820
Spindle Speed Starting at 4000 through 12000
ATC 24/ 32/ 40

Pro Series Box Way Vertical Machining Centers

Dual purpose Box guide way machining center. #40 taper spindle, high efficiency in production & mold making.

Working Surface Starting at 900*470 through 1150*600
Max Table Load Starting at 500 through 700
X-Axis Starting at 800 through 1000
Y-Axis Starting at 510 through 600
Z-Axis Starting at 630 through 630
Spindle Speed 6000 (Gear) / 8000 (10000/12000 opt)
ATC 20 / 24

S-Plus, LG, MVP Linear Rail Series Machines

  • Increased column sizes
  • The uniquely designed column features greater sizes in its class thereby providing added rigidity.
  • Increased and widened fastening surface on base
  •  The column is a versed “Y” shape with extra wide and large structure for superior stability and firmly support for the column.
  • Widened, oversized slideways of spindle head
  • The increased mat surface between spindle head and column achieves perfect structural ratio for outstanding stability. This, combined with a proper counter-balancing design, fully eliminates gravity lowering problems on the spindle head while upgrading machine accuracy and rigidity.
  • Z-axis servo motor upgraded and counter-balance block (opt.)
  • Special package to improve the precision of Z-axis movement in high speed machining.
  • Z-axis servo motor connected directly to ballscrew
  • +No more Z-axis timing belt, the servo is connected to the ballscrew. There is no more need to maintain or replace the timing belt.
  • Unique column design for greater rigidity and stability
  • Specially designed upside down column construction with column base measures 1000mm width 54% increase stability.The oversized column and base provide 1000 x 600 x 630 mm work envelop. (Model PRO-1000)

Bridgemill Systems

5BC Series | Multi Faced Bridge Mill

Multi-Face Double Column Machining Center with A/C head for maximum cutting capacity. 5 face mass production machining center that combines automatic head changer & vertical/horizontal ATC system.

Working Surface Starting at 3150 through 8000 X 2040
Max Table Load Starting at 8000 through 18000
X-Axis Starting at 3050 through 8050
Y-Axis Starting at 2900 through 3400
Z-Axis 1000 / 12000(opt)
Spindle Speed 4000
ATC 32 / 40 / 60(opt)

Infinity/ HSA EA & EAY Series | Bridge Mill

Linear Guide Way Double Column Machining Center with unique crossbeam design providing greater streamline force.

Working Surface Starting at 2100 through 6000 X 2200
Max Table Load Starting at 6000 through 14000
X-Axis Starting at 2200 through 2700
Y-Axis Starting at 1500 through 3400
Z-Axis 780 (1070/1200)
Spindle Speed 6000 (gear) to 10000(Opt)
ATC 20 to 40

HMG has the right for final enclosure design. Please contact a sales person for further information.

Sword/ SW Series | Bridge Mill

Box Way Double Column Machining Center with a structurally rigid optimal beam design. Perfectly suited for heavy precision machining.

Working Surface Starting at 3000 through 6000 X 2200
Max Table Load Starting at 10000 through 16500
X-Axis Starting at 3000 through 6000
Y-Axis Starting at 2300 through 2600
Z-Axis 780/1070
Spindle Speed 6000 (gear) / 10000 (Opt DDS) / 8000 (Opt Pulley)
ATC 20 to 60(opt)

W-AXis/ VW Series | Bridge Mill w/ Moving Crossbeam

5 Face Box Way Double Column Machining Center with W-Axis (moving cross rail structure)

Working Surface Starting at 4000 through 13000 X 3000
Max Table Load Starting at 15000 through 50000
X-Axis Starting at 4050 through 13000
Y-Axis Starting at 3400 through 4300
Z-Axis 700
Spindle Speed (Gear) 50 ~4000/6000(opt)
ATC 32/ 40(opt)/ 62(opt)

Boring Mill

PBM Series | Precision Boring and Milling Series

A Superior value In Precision Boring & Mill available in various size models. The column is an oversized design for greater stability during cutting. Boring center accuracy : 0.02mm. Positioning accuracy : within 0.01mm. Repeatability: +/-8″

Working Surface Starting at 1400*1600 through 1500*3000
Max Table Load Starting at 7000 through 12000
X-Axis  Starting at 2000 through 3000
Y-Axis Starting at 1600 through 2000
Z-Axis 1500
Spindle Speed  2500 to 3000
ATC 40 / 60(opt)