• Acer Machine Tools
  • Standard and Oil Country Engin Lathes
  • ATL Teach Function CNC Flat Bed Lathes

ACER Group incorporated in 1985 with two USA facilities located in California (Springwood Industrial) and New Jersey (Klim Industrial), along with a factory in Taiwan. We are the foremost leading manufacturer from Taiwan with full product line of vertical machine centers, CNC bed/knee type mills, precision manual mills, surface grinders and engine lathes. Our USA California and New Jersey office maintain an extensive inventory of machines and replacement parts. Customers can obtain quick delivery thru our select distribution network. Also, factory trained technicians can provide immediate telephone and field support upon your request. ACER Group is committed to providing total ACER service and support locally for total customer satisfaction.

Heavy Duty Milling Machines

  • Models 3VK, 3VKH, 5VK, and 1454
  • Working Surface 10″x50″, 10″x54″ and 54″x14″
  • Longitudinal travels up to 40″
  • Cross Travels up to 24″
  • Ram Travels up to 20″
  • Main Motor HP up to 5 HP
  • Head Moves Right To Left 90 degrees
  • Head Tilts Front to Back 45 degrees
  • Variable Spindle Drive
  • Spindle Speeds up to 4,500 RPM
  • Spindle Taper R-8, NST 30, and NST 40
  • Quill Diameter up to 4″
  • Quill Travel up to 5″

Heavy Duty Engine Lathes

  • Up to 40″ Swing over the bed
  • Up to 31″ Swing over the Cross Slide
  • Up to 7M between centers
  • Quick Change tooling available
  • Constant surface speed available on some models
  • Up to 20 HP

Precision Heavy-Duty Grinding

  • Automatic to CNC, Single and Double Head Grinders
  • Table Sizes From 6″x18″ to 118″x630″
  • Grinding Spindle from 3HP to 30HP
  • Scale Incerments as small as .0002″
  • Grinding wheel from 8x.75×1.25″ to 20x2x5″